Foster Resources

Foster Home Resources helps to provide a safe and secure home environment for children and youth who are not currently living in their own homes. The goal is for the children and youth to be returned home as soon as their parents are once again able to care for them.


Would you like to be a foster parent?

Being a foster parent today means that you can help create a strong Eeyou Istchee of tomorrow. Foster parents do make a big difference in the lives of children.


Role of the foster family

As a foster parent, you function as a family member, mentor, guide, team member, advocate, teacher, and caregiver. Keeping our children in Eeyou Istchee ensures that we preserve our Cree language and culture. You provide fair and equal treatment for all of the children and youth in your home and include them in all family activities. Fostering children can be challenging, but mostly, it is a very rewarding experience.


Foster Home Evaluation Process

If you are over the age of 18 and are interested in becoming a foster parent, you will be asked to go through the approval process with the local Foster Home Worker in your community.

Step 1 – Application process

The application process includes a criminal background check, a youth protection check and a character reference check.

Step 2 – Safety of the home

A Foster Home Worker will visit and ensure that it will be a safe and secure environment for the foster children or youth.

Step 3 – Final foster home evaluation

Foster Resources will assess all the information that was gathered for approval.


Training and support for foster parents

All foster parents receive:

  • an orientation and training session provided by Foster Home Resources;
  • ongoing support from your local Foster Home Worker;

To learn more about becoming a foster parent, call or visit your local Foster Home Worker. You can also send your interest by email to

Regional Contacts


 Sarah Piercy-Saganash

Coordinator of Foster Homes

Psychosocial Services

Cell: 819-753-7062


Tina Stewart

Coastal Foster Home Team Leader - Interim

Psychosocial Services

Office: (819) 855-3044; 22408


Linda Iserhoff 

Inland Foster Home Team Leader - Interim

Psychosocial Services

Office : (418) 923-2334 Ext : 42403