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How to apply to work at CBHSSJB

Do you want to apply, but don't know the process? Have questions for our recruiters? Find the information you're looking for on this page.


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Because we know that applying for a job at CBHSSJB involves several steps, we want to help you understand the "typical" candidate's path more clearly. Please note that certain steps may be added, depending on the job you are looking for.


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Step 1 - Apply on our website

To do this, you have a couple of choices:

  1. Apply for a specific job using the search engine on the ALL JOB OFFERS page
  2. Submit your application by filling out the form for your job category in the UNSOLICITED APPLICATIONS page

Whichever option you choose, you must first create a file.

Please note that when you apply via the website, you should receive a confirmation message and a confirmation email.

If you do not receive a confirmation, we recommend that you send your application with a copy of your resume to our email address by quoting the job posting number.  

All applications received via our email address will be considered.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding an application, please email us at


Step 2 - Interview

If your application is accepted, one of our recruiters will offer you an interview.

You may be offered a virtual or in-person interview at our offices. You will meet with a human resources representative, who may be accompanied by a manager from the department you are applying to. Depending on the job you are looking for, you may have more than one interview.


Step 3 - Conditional job offer

Passed the interview and testing stage? We will send you a conditional job offer.


Our team offers you a job! This offer will be given to you by email or by phone. At this stage, we will ask you to fill out pre-employment documents (criminal checks and health assessment) which will be analyzed by our team of experts and will remain confidential. If necessary, they will contact you.

Once these documents have been completed, we will confirm your employment with CBHSSJB and determine with you your start date.


Step 4 - Employee file is created

You must now fill out documents to open your employee file.

You will receive an email from our team that contains important information to read, as well as forms to fill out to confirm your employment.


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Step 5 - Your first day at CBHSSJB and your welcome session

A first day in a new job and/or a new organization is always a little stressful. At CBHSSJB, we do everything possible to make you feel welcome and well guided during your first days.

During the first week, you will be invited to what is called the "welcome session" for all new employees. This half-day activity is presented by the human resources team and several internal partners of the organization. The objective is to introduce you to the organization, how it works and to give you all the tools you need to start your job with us.

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Whether you are a nurse, a medical secretary, a housekeeper or a social worker, the CBHSSJB has a job for you!

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Contact us

Our team of recruiters is available to answer your questions about the hiring process, a specific job or career opportunities at the Cree Board of Health and Social Services of James Bay.


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