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 Mâshkûpimâsît Awash (AMA)

ᐋ ᒫᔥᑰᐱᒫᓰᑦ ᐊᐗᔥ

What is it?

The  Mashkûpimâtsît Awash program works with parents and young families so that they can improve their living situations.

Who is it for?

This program is for young families. It supports women throughout their pregnancy and perinatal period, and beyond, until their children are nine. It also supports fathers and children from birth to age nine. 

Where is it offered?

Some  Mashkûpimâtsît Awash activities are delivered at the CMC, but others are done through visits to the family at home or wherever parents feel comfortable to meet. This flexibility is particularly helpful for psychosocial support and child development matters.  Mashkûpimâtsît Awash is also offered through collaborations with other community partners working with young families. 

What is it like?

 Mashkûpimâtsît Awash seeks to improve families’ health and reinforce parenting strengths and skills in a respectful and caring manner. It involves a team of professionals and paraprofessionals working together to help parents improve their living conditions. It also involves building child-friendly communities, which requires recognizing the root causes of current challenges, providing culturally safe and appropriate services grounded in Cree culture, values and language, and helping families as they come to terms with the effects of historical trauma.   

What happens in this program?

Right from the beginning of your pregnancy, or whenever you or your partner feels the need, a Family Support Worker (FSW) – or any relevant professional that the FSW works with – will welcome you at the CMC or visit you at a mutually agreed upon time and place.  

This visit will give you the opportunity to express your needs and the kind of support you would like to receive. The FSW is then available to meet with you for any of your other parenting needs: whether it is to obtain concrete information about the pregnancy, the baby’s check-up or the health of a family member, or to share a concern that upsets you,.  

The FSW can also help you and your family to find and pay a visit to a community resource that can assist you in finding solutions to a challenge you encounter, whether it concerns housing, budgeting or attending prenatal classes and /or parenting groups. 

How long does it last?

Families can be involved with  Mashkûpimâtsît Awash from pregnancy until their children are nine.  

How can I get this service?

To get involved with  Mashkûpimâtsît Awash, get in touch with the Awash team of your community CMC and a FSW will meet with you. 

Where can I learn more?

To learn more about  Mashkûpimâtsît Awash, contact your local CMC. 

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