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Current Services

What is it?

Current Services are services offered in all communities of Eeyou Istchee when you call or arrive at your CMC or, in Chisasibi, the regional hospital.  

The walk-in clinics at the CMC in each community care for people who arrive on their own or via some other means, such as an ambulance with first responders.   

Who is it for?

Current Services are available to anyone who has immediate concerns about their physical or mental health.   

If you are ill, injured, or have some other medical emergency, or if you are with someone who is ill, injured or having a medical emergency, call your CMC’s emergency number to receive assistance, if needed, to get to the clinic.  

You can also go to the CMC on your own or with a friend.  

Where is it offered?

Current services are offered through the CMCs in each community except Chisasibi, where these services are available through the emergency room of the regional hospital. In some cases, patients must be transferred to other facilities for better management of their health problems. 

What is it like?

When you arrive at the walk-in clinic or hospital, either on your own or with first responders, a nurse will evaluate your condition. Then, the appropriate treatments will be carried out. 

How long does it last?

The time required for this consultation varies depending on the specific circumstances.  After your condition is evaluated and prioritized by the clinical staff, they will provide whatever treatments are needed. If a transfer to another site is needed, this will be arranged at the clinic.  

How can I get this service?

Current Services are offered around the clock when you call your community’s emergency number. A nurse on-call service is available at all times outside of CMC opening hours for medical problems and emergencies in each community. 

The Current Services walk-in clinic is open at specific hours in each community – see the community schedules.  

Where can I learn more?

You can learn more about these services by contacting your local CMC. 

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