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Allied Health Services

Allied Health services include:

Audiology is concerned with hearing and hearing loss, and audiologists can assess hearing, address hearing loss, and prevent related hearing damage

Nutrition counselling can take place in an individual session or in a group/workshop setting (such as a cooking class).  

Occupational therapy helps people to improve their ability to perform normal activities.

Physiotherapy helps people who have physical disabilities or problems to address these issues.

Psycho-educational services assist people who are struggling with behavioural adjustment problems in various aspects of their lives.

Who are they for?

Allied Health services address a wide range of physical and mental health and well-being issues. They can be for anyone who needs therapy to improve or maintain health or well-being in the areas addressed by these therapies. 

Where are they offered?

Most allied services are offered through local CMCs and/or MSDCs. 

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