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Users' Rights

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Because our clients are at the heart of the CBHSSJB’s mission, we value and respect your privacy.  Therefore, the CBHSSJB considers the recognition of the following rights to be essential.

As a user of these services you have: 

  • The right to be respected and to have your dignity respected 
  • The right of recognition of your autonomy and the respect of your personal needs  
  • The right to be treated, at all times, with courtesy, fairness and understanding 
  • The right to the respect of your integrity 
  • The right to be informed of your state of health and of the various options open to you before giving your consent 
  • The right to accept or refuse care, on your own or through your spokesperson, freely and in an informed manner 
  • The right to culturally safe care and services 
  • The right to your privacy 
  • The right to be treated with equality   
  • The right of your freedom of conscience and religion 
  • The right to your freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression 
  • The right to protection 
  • The right to be informed as soon as possible of any accident that occurs during the provision of services 
  • The right to quality and accessible services 
  • The right to receive, with continuity and in a personalized and safe manner services that are appropriate 
  • The right to information 
  • The right to be informed of existing services and the way to obtain them 
  • The right to have access to your record, which is confidential 
  • The right to participation 
  • The right to participate in the decisions that concern you 
  • The right to support and assistance 
  • The right to be escorted or assisted by the person of your choice in getting information about services 
  • The right to file a complaint without the risk of reprisal 
  • The right to be informed of the complaint examination procedure 
  • The right to be escorted or assisted in the complaint examination procedure 
  • The right to representation 
  • The right to be represented in regard to all your recognized rights if you are unable to give your consent 
  • The right to end-of-life care 

To ensure that the users’ rights are complied with, the interveners are expected to adopt client-oriented practices and conducts. 

Source: CBHSSJB Code of Ethics, Revised 2016.

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