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Tan e ihtiyan (10-19) survey on health issues to take place in Eeyou Istchee in November

October 29, 2013
10-19 Health Survey

The Cree Health Board is working with the Cree School Board and the Institut de la statistique du Québec (ISQ) to give the Tan e ihtiyan (10-19) survey on health issues to all the secondary school students in Eeyou Istchee. The following FAQ will help to answer questions you may have about the survey:

Q: Can you tell me a little bit about the survey?

A: The Tan e ihtiyan survey asks specific questions about such things as diet, physical activity, drug and alcohol consumption, and similar issues that affect the health and wellbeing of young people in Eeyou Istchee.  

Q: This is being given at all schools across Eeyou Istchee. Why is it so important to get information from all the students rather than just get a sampling from one or two communities? 

A: You’re right. We could just collect information from one or two communities. But doing so means we consider all of our communities as exactly the same. And that getting information on one is sufficient to draw general statements about the Eeyou Istchee as a whole. But you know, even if we are all Cree, there are some differences from community to community, and the best way to hear everyone’s voice is actually to survey all of our high school students.

Q: Has a similar survey been given in the rest of Quebec?

A: Yes, absolutely. This survey has been given in Quebec several times since 1998. But Eeyou Istchee was never included in these earlier surveys. Fortunately, this year, CHB and CSB management joined their efforts to make it happen in our communities too. Actually, the survey will be given across the rest of Quebec from November till mid-December, just as it is being given here.

Q: What do you expect to achieve with this survey? What will be done with the data once it has been collected?

A: As Cree entities, the CHB and the CSB will be able to use the data to develop programs and services that will address some issues faced by the Cree nation, and especially its youth. They will be able to develop services and programs that best suit the needs of our people. Those of us who work for these Cree entities need good, reliable knowledge of what is going on, of the nature and magnitude of the issues our people are dealing with. Unfortunately, when it comes to talk about youth needs, the information we have has been very limited and scarce. And we strongly believe that this survey will help fill this gap. 

Q: How confidential will the results be?

A: All survey results are confidential and anonymous, so no-one will be able to identify any participant. For example, the survey does not ask for the name or even the community of participants. It is extremely important for us that the privacy of all participants be protected. For these reasons, only general results at the region level will be published. Moreover, every single report will be reviewed by both CHB and CSB before public release.

Q: What do you expect from communities and schools as regards this survey?

A: We ask all parents, school teachers, community members and leaders to encourage students to be at school on the survey day.

Q: Are you planning to have the survey everywhere on the same day?

A: No, there is a calendar we encourage people to check posters for information; they should be able to find them at the local high school, band office, market, arena, or any other public place. 

Survey dates (weather permitting) are as follows:

1- Wemindji : Tuesday Nov. 5, morning and afternoon.

2- Chisasibi : Thursday Nov. 7, afternoon.

3- Mistissini: Tuesday Nov. 12, morning.

4- Oujé-Bougoumou: Wednesday Nov. 13, morning.

5- Waswanipi : Wednesday Nov. 13, morning

6- Whapmagoostui: Thursday Nov. 14, afternoon.

7- Eastmain: Tuesday Nov. 19, morning.

8- Nemaska: Wednesday Nov. 20, morning.

9- Waskaganish: Wednesday Nov. 20, morning and afternoon.