Policy on long term rates comes into effect November 1

September 08, 2017
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On November 1, 2017 a new Policy on Financial support to our clients will come into effect at CBHSSJB. This policy was adopted on March 31, 2017 by the CBHSSJB Board of Directors. Specifically, there will be changes to the rates used to compensate clients who have to leave their home communities for more than 3 weeks, for costs associated with accommodation and meals.

"It is our goal to accompany all of our clients through this process of change with respect, fairness and empathy, as directed by our Board and in keeping with both the spirit and letter of the Code of Ethics and Users’ Rights of the CBHSSJB." says CHB Chair Bella M. Petawabano.

The new policy sets rates for long-term clients which are paid out under the Cree Non-Insured Health Benefits (CNIHB) program. These rates are lower than daily rates for short-term clients and higher than long-term rates paid out under the federal Non-Insured Health Benefits program for other First Nations in Quebec and Canada.

For specific information about the policy and rates, please read the FAQ: 


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