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Miiyupimaatisiun Meeyoochimoon Network for Community Partners Involved in Health and Wellness Activities

Miiyupimaatisiun Meeyoochimoon

February 04, 2019
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The Public Health Department of the CBHSSJB is coordinating a Regional Network that will meet once a month by teleconference to share information on health and wellness services, programs, activities and events.

Community partners from across Eeyou Istchee are invited to join the monthly 1-hour teleconference. The network brings together people working for the Cree First Nations as Community Wellness Coordinators, Recreation Coordinators, Directors of Health and Social Development and 

Cultural Coordinators, as well as people working for the CBHSSJB in the local Community Miyupimaatisiiun Centres (clinics), such as Community Organizers and Community Health Representatives (CHRs).

Lucy Trapper, the program officer organizing the network, stated in an invitation letter that the Network “is intended to help us support and inspire one another by exchanging experiences in health initiatives. Moreover, having the network allows us to create a dialogue on healthy lifestyles, to have a better understanding, and to connect through community to community.”

Aattached is a Miiyupimaatisiun Meeyoochimoon Network Calendar 2019 which indicates the days and times of the network teleconference, along with call-in numbers. 

For information, please contact Lucy Trapper at 418.923.3355 extension 42361.