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Chisasibi services have moved

December 12, 2011

All Cree Health Board services formerly in the old arena in Chisasibi have been moved to other buildings due to mould contamination. The services have been relocated as follows:

Finance, Payroll, NIHB and Purchasing moved to the former Social Services trailers behind the Hospital at 21 A-B Maamuu;

Information Technologies, Materiel Resources, Regional Medical Affairs, Human Resources, Special Needs and Corporate Services moved to C6-11 apartment building at 11 Mihiikin;

Miyupimaatisiuun moved to C5-15;

Pimuhteheu moved to E-1-5;

Cree Home & Community Care program moved to the MSDC at 26 Salt road;

Regional Youth Protection department moved to the local Youth Protection building at 500 Wiishkichaansh;

General Management, Reservation services, Nishiiyuu Miyupimaatisiiun and AED Regional Administration moved to the old Police building at 6 Maamuu;

Receptionists moved to the Chisasibi Hospital;

Office of the Chair, James Bobbish, moved to C6-9.

The move affected over 130 employees. Since many phone extensions have changed, it is recommended to dial the main receptionist to reach any CBHSSJB employee in Chisasibi and to verify fax numbers. The internal telephone directory is being updated and the revised version will be available soon.

Cree Health Board Receptionist: 819-855-2844
If you know the extension, dial direct: 819-855-9001
Main Fax: 819-855-2098
Medical emergency (Chisasibi clinic) 819 855 9011
General inquiries ccsssbj-cbhssjb at ssss.gouv.qc.ca