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ᔦᐦᔦᐙᔅᐱᓀᐎᓐ ᐁ ᐋᔔᒦᑐᓈᓅᒡ
yehyewaaspinewin e aashuumiitunaanuuch
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May 4 update from Vice-Chair Christine Petawabano on JBCCS

Total cases of COVID-19 for Eeyou Istchee since 11 March 2020: 119

May 6

Vaccination in Eeyou Istchee

10,703 people have been vaccinated with the 1st dose

7,501 people have been vaccinated with the 2nd dose

0 active cases || 115 recovered || 4 deaths

2nd dose clinics in your community

Updates from CBHSSJB

Published on
Tue, May 4 2021

Abitibi Temiscamingue  - Region 8 is no longer considered an Area of Risk, as of May 4. This means people travelling from Abitibi to Eeyou Istchee will no longer be required to isolate for 14 days.  This decision was made based on new criteria for assessing a region's risk. Abitibi is doing well with vaccination, and they have worked hard to contain and prevent new cases of Covid.

Published on
Wed, Apr 28 2021

In Quebec, most new cases of COVID-19 are caused by variants. These new cases are affecting younger people, who are getting sicker and are often being hospitalized. 

The Cree Nation has not reported any cases of the variant in Eeyou Istchee. Our people have the freedom and benefits of travelling between communities to gather and visit family. For this to continue, we must keep up with precautionary measures even as we head out to the land for Goose Break this spring.


Updates from Cree Nation Government

Thumbnail of CNG Areas of Risk map

Cree Nation Government Areas of Risk map for travellers

View the interactive map on

Reminder: Check with your PSO before traveling outside of Eeyou Istchee.

The Cree Nation Government and the Cree Board of Health are closely monitoring our neighbouring areas to assess the risks associated with travel. We are looking for any increase in the number of cases, changes in the regions' ability to manage epidemics, and their ability to conduct contact tracing.

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  • Current Measures for Eeyou Istchee
  • Updates on Current Cases
  • Recommendations and Guidelines for Public Administrations in Eeyou Istchee

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CBHSSJB Resources

By working together, we can protect our communities from COVID-19 and its variants.


Answers to your questions: Prevention, what to do if you get sick, travel advice, elders, children, mental health, and policy recommendations.

ᓈᑕᒫᒉᐧᐃᓐ ᐧᐄᒑᐸᑎᓰᒥᑐᐧᐃᓐ

Stories of the Cree Nation working together to fight COVID-19, told in pictures and videos

Published on
Sat, Jan 9 2021

Learn about the new phases of the pandemic. The measures described in each phase are general. Check with your community for specific measures.


Eeyou Istchee COVID-19 Info-line

Call (9 am-5 pm) or inbox @creehealth on Facebook. Leave your name & number.

Wiichihiiwaauwin (Mental Health) Helpline

Service available 24/7. Cree speakers and Elders are available upon request

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