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Self-care after the COVID-19 pandemic

ᒥᓯᐙ ᓈᑭᑎᐙᔨᒦᓲᒄ
misiwâ nâkitiwâyimîsûkw
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Did you know?

The term “self-care” refers to the various ways you care for yourself and stay connected to friends and family, to the land and to our communities, culture and values, to stay resilient during difficult times.

It is important to look after yourself. Self-care is part of staying balanced and healthy, emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically. When you are strong and balanced, you provide strength to people around you, creating a supportive social environment so that together we can recover from the pandemic.

There are simple things you can do whether you are at home, in the community, or out in the bush.

If you are isolating due to COVID-19, please stay at home until your isolation period is over. There are ways that you can stay connected while staying home and keeping your community safe. Please be sure to follow your community's guidelines and measures.

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Stay connected to the land and be physically active

  • Enjoy nature and go snowshoeing or out for a walk
  • Listen to the birds outside and breathe in the fresh air
  • If you are isolating, do yoga or a work out at home

Staying physically active is good for the body and mind

Stay connected to family and friends and to the community

  • Spend time outdoors with a friend or family member you enjoy being with.
  • Check the calendar of events of your local Cultural and Social Development Office and join in.
  • Help other families who may not be doing so well; reach out to them and offer support.
  • If you are isolating, call, email or video chat with friends or family. Even if you can’t see them in person, you can share photos or funny stories and laugh together. Laughter is the best medicine!
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Teepee covered with snow, trees in the background

Stay connected to Cree culture and Cree family values

  • Spend time in the Mitchuap with your family. Watch the fire, smell the food, listen to stories. Listen to the Elders speak of the history and oral legends. Please continue to respect precautionary measures.
  • Learn about traditional knowledge. Learn the medicines on the land, how to identify plants and roots, how to catch and smoke fish, etc.
  • Promote wellness through Cree Family Values: Respect, Sharing and Kindness.
  • Practice lateral kindness every day and be a role model for others.

Stay connected to yourself and restore your positive energy

  • Say a prayer every day. Every morning and evening, give thanks to the Creator.
  • Take your mind off the pandemic and create a soothing environment at home. Turn off your phone, read a book, listen to music, reconnect with your positive energy. For example:
    • Bring home a few spruce branches to make an inhalation and infuse your home with a calming scent or buy balsam fir natural oils. Put a few drops in warm water and soak your feet while listening to relaxing music.
    • Drink Labrador tea or a refreshing, energizing drink like mint water, lemon water or cucumber water. Make a healthy meal of fish or Iiyimeechum if available, or healthy store food. Get a good night’s sleep.
Elder reading syllabics

Wiichihiiwaauwin (Mental Health) Helpline

Service available 24/7. Cree speakers and Elders are available upon request 

Depression is an extreme sadness/despair that lasts for weeks, months even years. It is profound pain that cannot be seen physically.


Maanuuhiikuu offers culturally safe mental health services that follow two healing paths: a traditional approach and a cli

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