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Statement on Espresso Hotel incident

October 29, 2021

The CBHSSJB wishes to acknowledge that an argument took place involving the newly-hired private security guards at Espresso Hotel. We apologize for the inconvenience and anxiety this incident may have caused the patients and escorts involved. 


Wiichihiituwin (CPS) asks for understanding and collaboration from our clients and their family members, as we are operating under very difficult conditions, and continue to be short staffed. Part of the role of the security guards is to ensure that COVID-19 precautionary measures are followed, which is essential to protect our most vulnerable people and our communities back home.  

Our goal is to ensure a safe, secure and restful environment for our clients. Many patients are very tired after their appointments, and require a quiet place to heal.  

We are planning more training for the security guards, including cultural safety training, and we continue to build communication between security staff, hotel staff, food services, and the Wiichihiituwin team supporting you in Montreal. Long-term patients living on the 3rd floor are asked to give their room number to security at the door, when entering the hotel. 

Any client or family member with concerns and suggestions may contact Louis-Vincent Parent, Wiichihiituwin Client Relations Officer. Louis-Vincent has an office at Espresso, speaks Cree, French and English, and he can help troubleshoot problems during the day. (See below for contact information.) 

Note that it is mandatory for the escorts to bring the patient to their appointment. We ask all community members to please understand that our staff can not tolerate any violence or abusive language towards them. During this pandemic and at all times, our frontline staff, in both clinical and non-clinical roles, are doing our best to provide quality and compassionate care.  


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