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Red fox found 100 km outside Chisasibi tests positive for rabies


Public Health is working with Chisasibi officials after a red fox hunted approximately 100 km north of the community in late March tested positive for rabies. 


A group of hunters tracked the red fox  around the 3rd week of March. It was visibly sick, behaving abnormally and had difficulty walking. The fox was killed and transported to Chisasibi’s Animal Control. The body was then sent to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency for testing that confirmed a rabies infection.  

There was no risky contact between the rabid fox and people involved in the incident. There is no known contact between the fox and dogs in Chisasibi. However, when a rabid animal is found at a distance, there is a risk that other animals infected with rabies are in the area. 


Recommended Preventive Measures

Puppies (3 months and older) and dogs should be vaccinated against rabies every year. Cree Public Health and Chisasibi Animal Control ask that all community members vaccinate their puppies (3 months and older) and dogs against rabies as soon as possible.  

People should keep an eye on their dogs for possible rabies symptoms. Any dog that starts to show symptoms should be reported to Chisasibi Public Safety and Animal Control at 819-855-6063.


Community reminders

  • Don’t let your dogs roam outside freely and without supervision.  
  • Dispose of garbage securely, keep backyards and streets garbage free. Garbage attracts wild animals. 
  • Keep a distance from any fox or wolves. If you see a sick-looking animal, contact the Public Safety Officer immediately.  
  • If you are bitten or scratched by dogs (or other animals), you should always go to the clinic for assessment to see if you need post exposure prophylaxis for rabies.


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Rabies is a contagious and deadly disease.

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