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Future Waskaganish CMC: Call for art proposals


This call for original art proposals is open to all adult Cree artists or Cree artists’ collectives living in one of the nine Cree communities of Eeyou Istchee.


For this project, the Cree Board of Health and Social Services of the James Bay (CBHSSJB) aims to create 4 original artworks integrated in the future Community Miyupimaatisiiun Centre in Waskaganish into the following locations: 

  1. Main Entrance Hall – 2D Artwork
  2. Main entrance – Above the reception desk – 3D Artwork
  3. Community Hall – 2D Artwork (skylight-style ceiling)
  4. Waiting Room on the second floor – 2D Artwork

According to the core mission of the Community Miyupimaatisiiun Centre in Waskaganish, one of the three (3) medical service hubs among the nine (9) communities of Eeyou Istchee, the following evocative keywords are proposed: 

  • References to seasons and Eeyou-Eenou traditions
  • Cree knowledge and values
  • Guidance of ancestral teachings
  • Harmony within ourselves; traditional medicines
  • Land based healing passed down from generation to generation



  • The call for art proposals is effective from December 1st, 2023, to February 27, 2024, inclusive

  • Upon request, a general information meeting presenting the main parameters of each planned location for the integration of artworks can be scheduled (Zoom or Teams). Participation in this meeting is at the discretion of the artists

  • Upon request, a basic art kit (2D or 3D materials) can be provided to artists interested in participating in this call for proposals

  • All types of artworks are eligible (2D and/or 3D) for this project, e.g., drawing, painting, engraving, photography, beading, embroidery, sewing, sculpture, etc. 


How to submit your proposal

Artists are invited to submit their portfolio or art proposal(s) before the deadline, either:

By email

  • Send photo(s) of recent artwork(s) produced by the artist (JPEG) to: 
  • Specify the following details: year of production, materials used and dimensions, title (if any).


In person 

• Deposit recent artwork(s) in its original format at Holly Danyluk’s office:


  • Provide adequate packaging to preserve the confidentiality of the package content. By regular mail or Priority Post

  • If this option is chosen, send the parcel +/-12 working days before the deadline (tracking number may be useful)

For more information, download the Call for Proposals (PDF)

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