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CBHSSJB celebrates Foster Family Week October 14-21


October 14 -21, 2021 is Foster Family Appreciation Week across Eeyou Istchee. We would like to thank all foster families for their dedicated contribution to Cree society, by offering a home to children and elders alike. The constant and selfless care of the most vulnerable members in this society deserves our gratitude as this is helping to create a strong Eeyou Istchee for tomorrow.  ​​​​​​

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This week, we are celebrating those willing to welcome strangers into their homes. There are many foster parents across the Eeyou Istchee that dedicate time and resources in order to build a strong foundation for the future of so many Eenou and Eeyou in need of a home. Joel and Maryann Tapiatic have been fostering two, two-year-old children for the past 2 years. Their remarkable story of compassion and love to build a nurturing environment that reflects traditional Cree values is exemplary. Here is their story. 


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Joel and Maryann Tapiatic received a certificate of appreciation as recognition for the time and effort spent helping Eeyou and Eenou to succeed. Every foster family will receive this certificate along with small gifts. 


Joel and Maryann Tapiatic show certificate of appreciation
Bertie Wapachee, Chair of CBHSSJB

“On behalf of the Cree Board of Health, we want to take the opportunity to express our appreciation to all foster families for their help and dedication. We also want to encourage other families to seriously consider becoming foster families as well.” - Bertie Wapachee, Chair of Cree Health Board

Did you know?

Caring and supporting for each other has always been part of Cree culture, long before a formal system of foster parenting was in place. Cree people always took care of those in need both out of a strong sense of community and tradition. It is how the Cree Nation has been able to survive over thousands of years. This responsibility is now formalized through the Cree Foster Care Resources Program. 

Open your heart, open your home

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