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Cannabis (weed) is a psychotropic drug that affects the brain and can change your mood, how you think, your awareness or your behaviour.  

Weed comes from the cannabis plant that contains active chemical compounds including THC and CBD. To feel its effects, cannabis is smoked or taken orally (tinctures, oils, edibles, beverages). 

People use cannabis for many reasons. Its effects can vary greatly from one person to the next, and using it can have profound effects on your mental health.  

People who are predisposed to mental health conditions should be cautious about using cannabis, as it can worsen, or trigger negative mental health situations.  

Cannabis has been legal in Canada since October 2018. The only legal way to buy cannabis in Quebec is through the Société québécoise du cannabis (SQDC). Legal cannabis products must meet strict federal regulations.  

Illegal street cannabis is still sold and consumed, with higher risks. There is a reported increase in contaminated street weed mixed with dangerous substances (for example, fentanyl). People who use cannabis are encouraged to get it from trusted, legal sources.  

Green Fresh Marijuana Leaf with Seven Tips

Did you know?

Cannabis is an indigenous plant in parts of South, Central and Eastern Asia, but is grown and cultivated in almost all parts of the world. While cannabis has been legal in Canada since 2018, it is still an illegal or illicit substance in many other regions of the world.  

How does cannabis affect me?

  • Cannabis can have different effects on people, depending on how you consume it and your your tolerance level. 

  • Cannabis can have a different effect on you each time you use it.  

  • Its effect also depends on the strain and chemical makeup of the plant source, how much THC and or CBD it contains.

How can I lower my risks with cannabis? 

The best way to avoid any consequences linked to cannabis use is to not use it. If you do use cannabis, there are ways to help protect yourself.  

  • Avoid products with high THC concentrations (higher than 20%) 

  • Choose products with higher CBD concentration 

  • Wait to use cannabis until you are 25 or older, when your brain is fully developed 

  • Use it in an environment that feels safe and familiar to you 

  • “Start low and go slow”. Use a small amount over a longer period of time 

  • Wait until you feel the effects of a dose before taking another hit 

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