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Chisasibi women work together to stay fit

April 15, 2015
working together to stay fit

In Chisasibi, an informal group of women is training up to six times a week to stay fit. 

The women have been exercising together for a year and half now. They are Angela Tapiatic, Anne Pepabino, Fawn Iserhoff, Leona Shem, Nancy Tapiatic and Samantha Pachano. "We decided to work out to get stronger and healthier" says Fawn. "It becomes normal to go train at the fitness centre, for kettlebell class (Cree Inskou Kettlebell), or at the gymnasium. After seeing the results of your own hard work, making it a routine becomes easier. It’s also a fun way to have a social outing with girlfriends."

The friends also encourage each other to stay away from fast food and eat traditional food instead. When one of them feels like staying home instead of coming for a workout, the rest of the group encourages her not to give up. "Exercising becomes completely part of your lifestyle after a while," says Fawn Iserhoff.

Photos: Tatiana Philiptchenko