Wiichihiituwin organizes medical appointments, transportation, meals and lodging for Cree beneficiaries who need to travel outside Eeyou Istchee for medical services. Download the Wiichihiituwin Client Information Guide | Information about Client Charter Flights | Information about new Policy on Financial support to long-term clients.

Helen Belanger Shecapio-Blacksmith
Helen Bélanger Shecapio-Blacksmith is the interim Director of Wiichihiituwin.


Wiichihiituwin Chibougamau

Phone:(418) 748-4450 
Evenings & weekends (418) 748-4450, x1

Wiichihiituwin Chisasibi

Phone: 1-819-855-9001 ext: 0

Wiichihiituwin Montreal 

Wiichihiituwin at Espresso Hotel

Office Hours  

Monday to Thursday 7am to 11pm

Friday 9am to 5pm

Saturday Closed

Sunday 3pm to 11pm 


Numbers to call during business hours

Reception 514-989-1393 Ext: 73270

Lodging 514-989-1393 Ext: 73249

Local Transport 514-989-1393 Ext: 73229

Regional Transport 514-989-1393 Ext: 73225

Nurse (Medical assist,) 514-989-1393 Ext: 73271


After regular hours for driver

(514) 891-7295


After regular hours for any other questions

514-989-1393    Ext: 73238


Montreal office, 1055 René-Lévesque

Fax (514) 989-7273 

Information about improvements to Wiichihiituwin Montreal services

Wiichihiituwin Val d'Or

Phone: (819) 825-5818, dial 0 for receptionist
Fax (819) 825-4939

Monday to Friday: 8:00am - 5:00pm
Saturday and Sunday: Closed
If you need help after-hours, please call Wiichihiituwin Montreal: 514-989-1393 ext. 73238

For after-hours, clients and escorts should stay at the hospital or find private accommodation until Wiichihiituwin office opens or until the weekend driver starts his shift. If no accommodations can be made, ask nurse at the emergency. 

Need to discuss a situation or file a complaint? 

Quality Services and Commissioner of Complaints Office 
1-866-923-2624 (leave your name and number) 

1-819-855-7650 (cell)