Travelling by plane

In partnership with Air Creebec, the CBHSSJB runs medical charter services, inland and coastal, Sunday to Friday. Regional Wiichihiituwin will book your charter flight. At Robert Kanatewat Airport in Chisasibi a lounge for clients and escorts is available with healthy snacks, water and a sofa.

Flying to your appointment

5 days before:

Give local CMC/clinic the name of your escort. He/she must accompany you on travel, otherwise you won’t be allowed on the plane. 

1 day before:

Confirm your appointment and travel arrangements (flight number, departure time) with the clinic.

Day of your flight

You and your escort will each need one valid photo ID or 2 valid ID without photo. Clients and escorts who show up at the airport visibly intoxicated may not be allowed on the plane. If you are feeling sick before your flight, please tell the charter nurse before boarding. Make sure you have your medication in your carry-on luggage, and not packed in your checked bagged. 

Flying home

Confirm flight time with Wiichihiituwin receptionist. Find out when the Wiichihiituwin driver will pick you up at the transport pick-up spot. You are responsible for waking up on time. 

Charter flight (Flight 2xx)

  • From Montreal, depart Air Creebec charter terminal, 9475 ave Ryan, Dorval. 

  • Check in at Air Creebec charter terminal at least 1 hour before flight time. 
  • A light healthy meal will be served on the charter.
  • Healthy drinks options include a selection of juices, milk, coffee, teas, water, and V8/tomato juice.

Updated charter schedules: 

Regular flight (Flight 9xx)

  • From Montreal, depart Pierre Elliot Trudeau Airport (domestic departures). 
  • Check in at Air Creebec counter at least 90 minutes before flight time. 

For Val d’Or, Chibougamau and Chisasibi: Check-in is at Air Creebec counters for both charter and regular flights.

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