Travelling by car

As soon as you have your appointment let your CMC/clinic know if you are driving—we won’t book or can cancel your plane ticket. Fees (paid by CBHSSJB) apply when cancelling flights, so try to confirm your choice of transport before we book your ticket. 

You need to bring valid ID (RAMQ card with photo, or RAMQ card without photo and another ID without photo) in case you return to community by plane (charter or commercial flight).

• Pick up your travel warrant from the CMC before you leave your community. Before driving back, pick it up from Wiichihiituwin. 

Wiichihiituwin covers lodging, meals and transportation for you and your authorized escort. (Parking expenses are not covered.) Wiichihiituwin does not cover hotel expenses if you stay overnight while driving. If you choose to stay in private lodging, call Wiichihiituwin dispatch before 3pm to arrange local services (lodging, local transport). 

Keep gas receipts as proof of car travel. For travel to Montreal: fax receipts to the main Wiichihiituwin office: (514) 989-7273. For travel to Val d’Or/Chibougamau/Chisasibi: give to Wiichihiituwin office. 

Fill out travel claim form ( at Wiichihiituwin before you return home or at your CMC after you return. Travel to Montreal: form goes to admin officer (2nd floor, Espresso) or admin tech (6th floor, 1055 René Levesque Est). Travel to Val d’Or/Chibougamau: to Wiichihiituwin office. 

• Rates for car travel: 25 cents/km and 5 cents/km for each authorized passenger up to a maximum of 3 (maximum of 40 cents/km). 

Reimbursement form for travel, meals, accommodation