Medical Liaison Information and Mental Health Services

Medical Liaison information 

After your appointments, please ask for a copy of your medical report from your doctor and bring it to the Wiichihiituwin office. Your liaison nurse will send the medical information to your health professionals at the CBHSSJB and/or relevant departments in the hospitals. 

While you are at your appointment, please ask your specialist when your next follow-up will be.

Mental Health Services

  • Urgent mental health services (psychotherapy and psychiatric sessions) are provided by the social services team in Montreal, and a social worker in Val d'Or.
  • Pregnant mothers who are minors, newly-diagnosed dialysis patients, and medevacs receive these services automatically.
  • Clients get access to these services though an authorization from their CMC.
  • Any questions or a request for help? call the Val d’Or or Montreal Wiichihiituwin office. A social worker will take the request and find a way to help you. (Contact info for Wiichihiituwin)