Lodging and Meals

ᐊᓂᑖᐦ ᒑ ᓂᐹᔨᓐ ᑭᔮᐦ ᒑ ᒦᒋᓱᔨᓐ


  • Wiichihiituwin provides lodging and local transportation to and from your appointment. 
  • Wiichihiituwin must have your contact number for any possible changes to your appointment, for transportation and for financial issues. 
  • Let your local CMC know before arrival if you are staying in a private home or other hotel — some benefits might not be available.
  • Lodging claim forms: creehealth.org/cps/forms.
  • Montreal: forms can be picked up and submitted to Wiichihiituwin offices (6th floor, 1055 René Levesque Est or 2nd floor, Espresso Hotel).

  • Val d’Or, Chibougamau and Chisasibi: Wiichihiituwin receptionist. After form is filled out, reimbursement can take up to 8 weeks. 

Private home: $56/day*
Your host fills out a lodging claim form that you submit to Wiichihiituwin. 

Other hotel: $56/day*
You must fill out a lodging claim form and submit it to Wiichihiituwin. 

*From the day before your first appointment until the day following your last appointment. For other hotel: $56 = $23 for lodging + $33 for meals. 


Boarding homes (Val d’Or) 
Boarding homes provide breakfast, lunch and supper + snacks, and a lunch bag for traveling home. 

Before you eat at a restaurant, call Wiichihiituwin to make sure the meal is an authorized expense. Save receipt for reimbursement. (breakfast: $8, lunch: $10, supper: $15) 

Hotel Espresso 
At Hotel Espresso, meals are provided; meal tickets are issued at reception — if not available, call the Wiichihiituwin office. There is also a community kitchen on the SS level (basement) where you can cook.