Cree interpreters 

  • Interpreter services are guaranteed if arranged in advance. 

  • Cree interpreter services are offered to all clients in Montreal, Val d’Or and Chibougamau. 

  • The interpreter will give preference to clients who are alone. 

  • If the client has an escort, the interpreter will check that the escort is able to translate. 

Do interpreter services need to be set up before the client leaves the community?

  • Call the liaison officer at your local CMC to arrange interpreter services in Montreal and Val-d'Or. For Chibougamau/Chisasibi, ask at the Wiichihiituwin reception. 
  • Interpreters will see as many clients as possible at The Glen, MCH, and 
MGH in Montreal. 

What if the client needs services and they are out of the community?

  • Call Wiichihiituwin to make arrangements if you live outside the community.