Getting around the city

ᐋᐦ ᐱᐹᒥᐱᔨᔨᓐ ᐃᐦᑖᐧᐃᓂ

  • Travelling around the city for personal reasons is not paid for by Wiichihiituwin and Wiichihiituwin drivers are not used.
  • See hotel reception for taxi phone numbers.
  • For security reasons, Wiichihiituwin and para-transport drivers drive you to and from the hospital and your lodging.
  • For medical appointments, dispatch organizes local transportation or will authorize taking a taxi. Keep your taxi receipt to get paid back.
  • At Espresso, Wiichihiituwin drivers will meet you on the SS Level (basement, outside Community Kitchen). Para-transport drivers will meet you at the hotel lobby.

In Montreal and need to arrange transport with a Wiichihiituwin driver?

During office hours: 514-989-1393, extension 73270
After office hours: (514) 891-7295 

In Val d’Or and need to arrange transport with Wiichihiituwin driver?

Phone: (819) 825-5818, dial 0 for receptionist

Reimbursement Form for travel, meals, accommodation