Clients and Escorts


As a client, it’s important to...  

  • Confirm your appointment, flight time and number and departure date with your local CMC 5 days before your trip. 
  • Confirm mode of transport at least 3 days before your trip, along with the name of your escort.
  • Be on time and ready for pick-up. 
  • Let your CMC know in advance if you have to change your appointment.
  • Please show up on time for your appointment. Not doing this affects others also waiting for treatment.
  • Talk to your liaison worker to make sure you and your escort know all about your appointment and preparations and what you need to know before you leave. Talk to the CMC nurse if your case is more serious (for example, cancer).
  • Have a valid ID to travel (valid RAMQ card with photo is the best)
  • Let your local CMC and Wiichihiituwin know if you need special services or equipment (wheelchair, adaptive rooms, oxygen tank, bath seat).  

You need an escort if you: 

  • are under 18 (required) or over 65 (if needed). 

  • are mobility-impaired. 

  • are travelling with a baby under 8 months old who is being breastfed. 
  • speak Cree only and/or are unable to communicate about your illness/health issues.
  • require an interpreter and none is available.
  • are in other circumstances to be evaluated case by case.


  • Are 18 years or older and healthy.
  • Speak Cree and English or French.
  • Are responsible for client safety and protection. Risky/unsafe behaviour (intoxication, violence, neglecting client, client missing/late for appointment without valid reason) will result in cancellation of lodging and transportation and no expense reimbursement.
  • Are not responsible for other escorts.
  • Need to be prepared for the client’s diagnosis. 
  • Have the required ID to travel.

What does an escort do?

  • Helps look after the client at all times.
  • Is aware of the client’s current health status, including allergies.

  • Makes sure the client has all required medical and travel documents. 
  • Checks warrant for travel times.  
  • Makes sure client is ready on time for pickup. 
  • Goes to all appointments with client. 
  • Spends at least 4 hours a day with the client. 
  • Stays with a minor at all times.
  • Makes sure the required medication is packed in carry-on bag during flights.
  • Carries client’s luggage. 
  • Helps with client’s hygiene 
  • Returns home when the client is discharged or after 2 weeks of complete attendance. 
  • Advises Wiichihiituwin of any problems/difficulties with the client.
  • Maintains confidentiality regarding client's medical conditions at all times.