After coming home: Reimbursements and Clinical Follow-up

ᐋᐦ ᒌᐧᐋᔨᓐ


Montreal: 514 989-1393, ext 73223. 

Val-d’Or: 819-825-5818 extension 72062 (Wiichihiituwin office in the Val-d’Or hospital).

If you stayed at a private home:
Submit the Lodging Claim Form your host filled out to Wiichihiituwin. 2nd floor of the Hotel Espresso. 

If you stayed in a different hotel (not Hotel Espresso): 
Submit your hotel bill to Wiichihiituwin. 

For all authorized meals at a restaurant:
Submit your receipt to Wiichihiituwin (breakfast: $8, lunch: $10; supper: $15). 

If you took an authorized taxi ride (always call disptach before taking taxi):

Submit your 
receipt to Wiichihiituwin. 

If you weren’t able to get meals or taxi ride authorized beforehand, contact Wiichihiituwin to see if it can be authorized. 


Clinical follow-up 

Let Wiichihiituwin know about any future appointments.