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Contact Wiichihiituwin while travelling

How do I reach Wiichihiituwin while travelling?

Phone:(418) 748-4450 
Evenings & weekends (418) 748-4450, x1 

Phone: 1-819-855-9001 ext: 0


Wiichihiituwin at Espresso Hotel
Office Hours
Monday to Thursday 7am to 11pm
Friday 9am to 5pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday 3pm to 11pm 

Numbers to call during business hours
Reception 514-989-1393 Ext: 73270
Lodging 514-989-1393 Ext: 73249
Local Transport 514-989-1393 Ext: 73229
Regional Transport 514-989-1393 Ext: 73225
Nurse (Medical assist,) 514-989-1393 Ext: 73271

After regular hours for driver
(514) 891-7295

After regular hours for any other questions
514-989-1393    Ext: 73238

Montreal (1055 René-Lévesque)
Fax (514) 989-7273 

Val d'Or
Phone: (819) 825-5818, dial 0 for receptionist
Fax (819) 825-4939
Monday - Friday: 7am to 10pm. Reduced staff after 5:00pm; please leave a message with a call back number.
Saturday: 930am to 5:30pm
Sunday: 10am to 7pm

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