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Social Workers & Community Workers

Number to call for help

What are they?

The social worker, human relations officer and community worker conduct psychosocial assessments, interventions and follow-ups with clients. They can organize group interventions as well as outreach activities to support community members. They also provide clinical support.  

Who is it for?

These workers provide services are for anyone experiencing psychological and/or social distress affecting themselves, their family, their environment and their community. 

Where is it offered?

You can receive these psychosocial services through your local CMC or MSDC, or the regional hospital. You can also call the Wiichihiiwaauwin helpline. 

What is it like?

When you meet with the social worker, human relations officer or community worker, they will first assess your situation and your needs. Then they will support you in your specific requests through an intervention plan. The process is like this:  

  • Assess your situation 
  • Work with you to elaborate the intervention plan  
  • Apply the intervention plan 

Evaluate the result and work with you to adjust the plan, if necessary. 

How long does it last?

You can receive these services for as long as you require them. 

How can I get this service? 

There are many ways of getting these services: through the hospital or your local CMC, or by calling the Wiichihiiwaauwin helpline. 

Where can I learn more? 

To learn more, call your local CMC or speak with a health professional. 

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