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School Nurse Program

What is it?

The School Nurse program assists schools on many health-related topics, including  

  • school health program planning, implementation and evaluation,  
  • school health records, 
  • immunizations,  
  • medication administration,  
  • related services for children and students with special health care needs, 
  • legal issues in school nursing, and  
  • emergency services. 

Who is it for?

The program supports the students, managers and principals of the schools. 

Where is it offered?

The program’s services are offered in all pre-kindergartens, elementary schools and high schools across the nine communities of Eeyou Istchee.  

What does the School Nurse program provide?

The school nurses ensure regular vaccine updates as well as the vaccination of all new students during each vaccination campaign (5 y/o visit, Grade 4, Sec. 3) and throughout the school year. Each vaccination takes only a few minutes. 

They support teachers with the health components found in the school curriculum while implementing the Healthy School Approach. They also plan and deliver Health Education activities in the classroom, help present the Chii Kayeh Iyaakwaamiih program on relationships and sexual health, and offer students access to CE/CLE information, counselling and the carrier screening test. 

School nurses also help students with various health problems through walk-in medical consultations, and they make sure that these problems are followed up later, if necessary.  

They offer STI screening to prevent the spread of STIs, and provide treatment for students with STIs.  

When is it available?

The school nurse program is usually offered during regular school hours, from 8:20 to 15:10, and is also offered after school hours while children are still at the school. 

How can I get this service?

The programs and activities take place mostly in the schools and are offered to all students, but some could take place at your local CMC, public gathering spaces, Youth Center, and gym, or wherever else youth can be reached. 

Where can I learn more?

To learn more, you can contact your local school nurse or the Public Health School Nurse Counsellor. 

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