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Mental Health Services

Number to call for help

What is Maanuuhiikuu? 

Maanuuhiikuu is responsible for planning and organizing mental health services across Eeyou Istchee and off-Territory as needed. It helps local CMCs and regional partners to offer accessible, culturally safe mental health services that follow two healing paths: a traditional approach and a clinical approach. 

Who is it for? 

Mental health services are for people who are struggling with different forms of mental distress:  

  • feeling stressed, afraid, overwhelmed, sad or anxious;  
  • having difficulties in relationships or family situations;  
  • struggling with identity, grief, addiction, or transitions in life;  
  • dealing with past trauma or worried about the future;  
  • living with mental illness.  

Where is it offered? 

Mental health services are offered through local CMCs across Eeyou Istchee, as well as off-territory through regional partners, including the Douglas Hospital in Montreal.  

What services are included? 

Maanuuhiikuu offers or supports the following services [provide links]: 

  • Psychiatry 
  • Child Psychiatry 
  • Therapists: Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Art Therapists and Social Workers 
  • Healing from Indian Residential Schools [not yet available] 
  • Mental Health Services Off-Territory 

How can I get Maanuuhiikuu services? 

If You Need Help Right Away: 

if you are in Chisasibi, go to the Hospital, where you can receive care and services 24/7. 

If you are in another community, on weekdays, go to the walk-in clinic at the CMC in your community. The nurse in Current Services will meet with you and will guide you to the most appropriate service. After hours, or on weekends, call your CMC, and a nurse will discuss with you the best way to get you the support you need. There are mental health nurses in several communities, as well as psychologists, community workers, and other team members who are there to support you.  

If you are in crisis and need someone to talk to, you can call Suicide Action Montreal at 1-866-277-3553. They have services in French and English. 

For ongoing mental health needs, call or visit your local CMC. 

Where can I learn more? 

For more information, call or visit your local CMC. 


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