Maanuuhiikuu (Mental Health)

ᒥᓅᐦᐄᑰ Maanuuhiikuu

Maanuuhiikuu is the Regional Department of the Cree Health Board that is responsible for planning and organizing access to mental health services for Cree beneficiaries under the JBNQA, in the communities of Eeyou Istchee and off-Territory as needed. We do not provide most of the services ourselves; our Department helps the local Community Miyupimaatisiiuun Centres (CMCs) and regional partners like the Douglas Hospital offer accessible and culturally safe mental health services including psychology, psychiatry, help with addictions, and support for Indian Residential School survivors and their families. Download our pamphlet.

In this section:

Who Do I Call? A Guide to Mental Health Services
About the Mental Health Team - Who we are and what we do
Mental Health Services Off-Territory
Healing from Indian Residential Schools
Mental Health Training (Mental Health First Aid, ASIST, etc.)
Land Based and Traditional Healing
Mental Health Services Covered by CNIHB
Regional Mental Health Schedules

To get immediate help, contact the CMC in your community. Go to the walk-in clinic or call the clinic using the number at the bottom of this page to make an appointment to see an nurse. You don’t have to tell the receptionist that your visit is about a mental health issue. Find out more: Who Do I Call? A Guide to Mental Health Services.

To reach the Coordinator of Maanuuhiikuu, Juliana Matoush Snowboy, or any member of her team, contact Tina Iserhoff at the number below. Find out more About the Mental Health Team.

Tina Iserhoff
Administrative Technician
Maanuukiikuu / Regional Department of Mental Health Services Planning
Chisasibi, Qc J0M 1E0
Tel: 819-855-9001;4516
Direct Line: 819-855-9013
Fax: 819-855-9069

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