Family Group Conferences

ᐯᑰᑌᓅ ᓀᐁᔥᑐᒻ

Peyakutenuu Niishtam - Family First

A family group conference involves a gathering of family, friends and support group to discuss family concerns, find solutions with the support of professionals and available resources to develop a family healing plan.

Family Group Conferencing is a tool used by the CBHSSJB to address family and social situations that may concern family support, rehabilitation of children, requests for accommodation, children with disabilities, parents with a life-threatening illness or child protection. Restorative conferencing is also being used in such situations as victim-offender mediation, circle sentencing, reintegration, diversion, school infractions, domestic violence, conflict circles, family disputes, elderly placements or community issues.

The Family Group Conferencing process aims to use the strengths and resources of the entire family as the primary planning group to ensure the ownership of the problem and its management. “Family” is defined broadly to include child, parents, extended family and other adults who may be able to play a role in the child/client life (“honorary” family members). The role of professionals at the Family Group Conference is to provide information and consultation, rather than to influence or make the decisions on behalf of the family. Family Group Conferencing is a voluntary option and therefore referrals can only be made with the family’s agreement.

A referral for a Family Group Conference follows the completion of an assessment and leads to a planning meeting by the relevant departmental staff, i.e., Youth Protection, Awash, Uschiniichisuu, Chishaayiyuu, or Youth Justice.

An independent facilitator is appointed to lead the Family Group Conference i.e., a trained person who has no direct connection with the case.

For information contact

Caroline Oblin
Planning, Programming, and Research Officer for Foster Homes

Leslie Tomatuk
Coordinator of Awash and Uschiniichisuu – Eastmain