Maamuu Nakaahehtaau

ᒫᒨ ᓇᑳᐦᐁᐦᑖᐅ

badgeBuilding Healthy Communities

Why this program?

In Eeyou Istchee, one out of every five adults, and a growing number of young adults and even children, have type 2 diabetes. At this rate, in 25 years 40% of all adults will be living with the disease. It’s time to stop the diabetes epidemic.

Short description of program

The Maamuu Nakaahehtaau process, started by the Cree Health Board in 2010, has an ambitious goal of working to end the diabetes epidemic that has touched the lives of 4 generations of Cree people. Maamuu Nakaahehtaau means “Together, let’s prevent it.”

Targeted clientele

Leaders and community members at the local and regional level.

Who delivers the program?

The Maamuu team from public health finds opportunities to meet with local leaders and conduct community consultations in the nine Cree communities of Eeyou Istchee.

Coordinated by:

Solomon Awashish
Catherine Godin
Planning and Programming Program Officers
Public Health Department of the James Bay Cree Territory
203 Mistissini Blvd, Mistissini, QC G0W 1C0
Tél. 418.923.2204
Fax. 418.923.2564
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