Infection Prevention & Control Program

ᐋᑳ ᒑ ᒋ ᐋᔔᒦᑐᓈᓅᒡᐦ ᒥᓯᑖᐲᒡᐦ ᐋᒃᐦᐅᓱᐎᓐᐦ

Cree name: Âkâ Châ Chi Âshûmîtunânûch-h Misitâpîch-h Âhkusuwinh

Program objectives

This program aims to prevent and limit the spread of infections in health care settings. The program provides a framework for planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating how infections are controlled in all Cree Health Board facilities. It allows all the different health care services to coordinate their efforts to prevent infectious pathogens from being introduced and spread to patients, health care workers, or visitors.

Why this program?

Programs of this type are essential for several reasons:

  • Infections acquired in hospitals or other health care settings are common-they are the second most common type of avoidable infection
  • Ministry of Health regulations require every health department to have an infection-control program
  • New, more virulent germs are emerging that are resistant to existing drugs. It is essential to limit the spread of these new germs.

Short description of program

The program applies to all Cree Health Board facilities, but efforts to date have focused on the Chisasibi Hospital. Program activities include:

  • Epidemiological surveillance-collecting information on the number and type of infections, interpreting the numbers, sharing the results, and following up.
  • Research and communication-initiating research and developing ways to inform people about infection control
  • Education-teaching staff in various sectors about how to prevent the spread of infections. (For example, wound care, precautions to be taken with patients in isolation rooms, precautions to take when exposed to blood, how to use protective equipment properly…)
  • Infection prevention and control. Assessing the hospital’s procedures in areas such as sterilization or lab testing, and recommending improvements that will help to prevent or limit the spread of infections.

Targeted clientele

Patients, staff, and visitors to Cree Health Board facilities, with emphasis at present on the Chisasibi Hospital.

Who delivers the program?

This program fits under the Public Health Department’s Awash Miyupimaatissiun team. It is administered by:

Chudney Pierre-Louis, inf. B.Sc.
Infection prevention and control counsellor
Chisasibi Hospital
819-855-9001 #4016