Program objectives

In accordance with the Cree Board of Health's Strategic Regional Plan, the goal of this program is to increase local and regional evaluation capacity within the Public Health Department in specific and the Cree Board of Health, through the following objective: 

  • To provide support to teams and managers in program planning, implementation and evaluation;
  • To support evidence-based decision-making; and
  • To make program evaluation an integral part of the organizational culture.

Download comprehensive list of evaluation resources (PDF).

Why this program?

Evaluation is an essential part of the process of planning and implementing public health programs. It provides information that can be used to track a program’s progress over time, continuously improve its performance, and effectively manage its budget and resources. It increases transparency and accountability. Both the federal and Québec governments advocate evaluation, and Quebec’s Public Health Act stipulates that regional and local plans must provide for a way to assess outcomes. Accordingly, although evaluation is not part of program activities per se, the National Public Health Plan speaks of it as an essential support function.

Short description of program

The Surveillance, Evaluation, Research and Communications (SERC) team helps Public Health programs with both one-time evaluations and ongoing Quality Assurance initiatives. The team works on building partnerships with other regions and Aboriginal communities, and provides

  • Methodological support to develop evaluations and performance-measurement systems;
  • Support in commissioning external evaluations; and
  • Regular training in program evaluation, along with resource materials.

Targeted clientele

The program is intended for Cree Board of Health program officers, managers and as well as any other program partners (e.g., The Cree Trappers is a partner in the Bush Kit Program). 

Who delivers the program?

The service is part of the SERC Team's mandate which also includes responsibility for public health surveillance, research, public health communications, clinical preventive practices, and public health competencies development.

Enquiries about the program should be directed to Jill Torrie at:

Jill Torrie 
203B Mistissini Blvd
Mistissini (QC) G0W 1C0
Phone: (418) 923-3355 (42384) 
Cell: (514) 953-8283