radio interviewObjectives

The communications team is responsible for supporting health promotion and well-being activities aimed at the general population, as well as public health communications activities. 

Its objectives are: 

1. To communicate public health messages to the region and to inform the public about activities and programs of the Regional Public Health Department using a variety of mediums, such as print, radio and social media.

2. To disseminate reports on research results to regional partners to further Cree Health Board activities. 

3. To provide communications expertise to the Regional Public Health Department.

4. To establish, maintain and build communications links to other CBHSSJB departments and partners. 

Why this initiative?

Communications is a core public health function.

Short description of concerted support activities

The communication team’s responsibilities include:

  • Cree-language radio production
  • website management
  • social media engagement
  • production and dissemination of print materials
  • communications planning
  • communications training

Public health communications take a coordinated approach, following a monthly calendar of health themes based on national public health guidelines.

Targeted clientele

General population of Eeyou Istchee, Public Health Department employees, Cree Health Board employees.

Who delivers these concerted support activities?

The service is part of the SERC Team's mandate which also includes responsibility for public health surveillance, research evaluation, clinical preventive practices, and public health competencies development. It is administered by:

Information Officer
Corinne Smith

Joshua Loon
Communications Technician
T: 418-923-3355 ext 42382