Chii kayeh iyaakwaamiih

ᒌ ᑲᔦᐦ ᐃᔮᒀᒦᐦ

Name of program or initiative:

Cree name: chii kayeh iyaakwaamiih program on relationships and sexual health

English name: "you too, be careful" program on relationships and sexual health

French name: "toi aussi, fais attention" programme sur les relations interpersonnelles et la santé sexuelle

Program objectives

This school-based program was originally given in Sec. 3 or Sec. 4. But, as time went on, more and more Elders, parents and youths wanted this program to be given to younger students. So, 12 lessons are now given each year to Sec. 1, Sec. 2 and Sec. 3 students. The program was designed to help young people pay attention to their own wellbeing and that of their friends, their family, their community and  their Nation. The aim is to prevent sexually transmitted infections (STIs), HIV and unplanned pregnancies. The students learn about healthy relationships and develop competencies that will help them to:

  • Connect to Cree values and culture
  • Have a personal goal and self esteem
  • Be assertive and resist peer pressure
  • Solve problems
  • Wait until later to have sex
  • Use a condom if they are sexually active
  • Work in a team and share their knowledge with others

Why this program?

This program was created to address community concerns about sexual health and the high number of youths who have a STI or an unplanned pregnancy.

Short description of program

The program was created with suggestions from youths, Elders, teachers and community members. It consists of 12 lessons given by teachers each year to Sec. 1, Sec. 2 and Sec. 3 students.




Students learn to:

Secondary 1


Healthy relationships

Recognize healthy relationships as reflected in Miyupimaatisiuun, the 4 stages of life and the 4 aspects of one's wellbeing;


Asserting yourself

Use an assertive communication style and effective refusal techniques;


Waiting until later to have sex

Determine the advantages of waiting until later to have sex and find ways to stick to this decision;


Everything you need to know about prevention & wrap up

Prevent an STI and reflect on the consequences of an unplanned pregnancy.

Secondary 2


Healthy relationships


Recognize healthy relationships as reflected in Cree traditions; identify  healthy and unhealthy relationships; use problem solving strategies;


Asserting yourself and waiting until later to have sex

Respond to pressure line from a partner and illustrate effective refusal strategies;


Everything you need to know about prevention

Calculate the cost of having a new baby and how to prevent an unplanned pregnancy and FASD;


Love relationships & wrap up

Identify their rights and responsibilities in a relationship and get help if their rights are not respected.

Secondary 3



Assemble a goose mobile as part of a team and review what they have learned in Sec. 1 and Sec. 2;



Recognize the advantages of using a condom if they are sexually active and how to use one correctly;


Team work and aashuumiih

Create a project to share their knowledge with other youths in the school or community.

Targeted clientele

Sec. 1, Sec. 2 and Sec. 3 students

Who delivers the program?

This program fits under the Public Health Department's Uschiniichisuu Miyupimaatisiuun team. Regional support to the CMCs and linkage with the Cree School Board is assured by:

Mae Lafrance
Nurse Counsellor, School Health
Tel. 418-923-3376 ext. 42387
Cell. 418-770-8621

In 2015, a new milestone in the long history of this program was reached when ownership was transferred to the local CMCs.  Two local file holders (for example, a school nurse and CHR or community worker) from each community were trained to support the teachers of the Cree School Board who deliver the program to students in the classroom. 


Regional training in Val D'Or for local file holders, October 26-30, 2015

The role of the local file holders from the CMC is to assist the teachers to familiarize themselves with the program, if needed and to offer support on certain topics, such as: the cultural components in the program,  STIs, condoms, unplanned pregnancies.

To find out the name of your local file holder, please contact the Uschiniichisuu team at the CMC.


Reports, Presentations, Teacher's Guide and Student Workbooks (FR and EN)