Awash Nutrition

Program objectives:

  • To improve the eating habits of pregnant and breastfeeding women of Eeyou Istchee
  •  To increase access to nutrition services, activities and resources to women, particularly to the high risk pregnancies.
  • To increase knowledge and building capacities for those involved in this program, pregnant and breastfeeding women as well as health workers.
  •  To increase the number of infants fed age-appropriate foods in the first twelve (12) months of their life.

Why this program?

Programs that provide nutrition counseling and education in combination with food and/or vitamin/mineral supplements have proven to be most effective for improving the nutritional status of pregnant women. Indeed, good maternal nutrition is a factor contributing to healthy birth weight. Low birth weight (less than 2500 grams) puts babies at risk for many health problems and death. High birth weight (greater than 4000 grams) is also considered as a risk factor particularly for the development of diabetes in later life.

Short description of program

All Cree communities benefit from nutrition services provided by a team of health workers including a nutritionist. This program also provides resources for additional community-based activities such as:

  • Cooking workshops
  • Homemade baby food workshops
  • Nutrition education sessions 
  • Maternal nourishment and  food assistance 

These activities take place in the CMC settings or in the community in partnership with other organizations. 

At the regional level, the program provides training, support and funding for Awash local teams to implement nutrition related activities. It also fosters the creation of culturally adapted nutrition teaching aids for health care workers and the overall population. 

Targeted clientele

The main target group for this program is young families, with a focus on women throughout their pregnancy and perinatal period, on fathers and children from birth to age 9.

Who delivers the program? 

This program is part of the larger Awash Miyupimaatisiiun that delivers general services to families and young children. It is coordinated by:

Lucie Leclerc, P. Dt-Nutritionist

Awash Nutrition Program Officer

Tel. 418 923-2204, ext. 42336 

Fax. 418 923-2564 



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