Disability Services

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Coordinator of Disability Services: Jessica Jackson Clement
Tel: 418-770-8050

Disability Services of the CBHSSJB exists to support any person who, temporarily or permanently, needs assistance because of a physical, intellectual, or social/emotional disability.

We use a family-centred, community-based, multi-disciplinary approach to help local CMCs and other agencies deliver services to clients with special needs.

Special Needs Forum

The Cree Special Needs forum is a web site for Cree families living with special needs. It is a networking community where you can share knowledge and consult with other families living in similar situations. You will find many useful links offering information and tips on special needs that you are experiencing in your life. Visit: http://creespecialneeds.com/

Adapting your home

If you’re living in the community and your special needs child needs adaptations in or outside of your home that is provided to you from the Band, you can ask your Band Council to apply for the Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program On-Reserve. This program gives funding to the Bands to help update, repair and make homes accessible to people with disabilities.

Government Benefits

Please contact your local Head of Awash or Uschiniichisuu for help applying for any of the benefits listed below. To apply for these benefits, will need to have a medical professional (doctor or other specialist) sign the form.

For every child, you should already be receiving the Canada Child Tax Benefit.

If your child has special needs you can also apply for the Child Disability Benefit.

The Quebec Government offers a Supplement for Handicapped Children.

All children born in Quebec receive the Child Assistance Measure.

There is also a new benefit from the Federal Government called the “Registered Disability Savings Plan”, it helps people with disabilities save for the future. Check out the website.