Healthy School Approach

Program objectives

  • To target the factors and determinants that support the well-being and educational success
  • To make the connections between health, well-being and the development of competencies
  • To create and reinforce connections among the school staff, between the school and families, and between the school and the community

Why this program?

To increase High School Leaving Diploma attainment and to create conditions for student success with the involvement of various partners

Short description of program

The healthy schools approach consists of interventions developed jointly by various partners who work together to improve the educational success, health and well-being of children and youth in the Cree schools of IE.  Partners address the factors that support educational success and facilitate together the planning, organizing, implementation, and evaluation of the established actions in a coordinated, comprehensive, and harmonious manner.

Two levels of key factors to be considered are:

  1. factors linked to the individual: (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) self-esteem, social skills, living habits, safe and healthy behaviors etc.
  2. factors linked to the environment: school environment, family environment and community environment; 

The procedures, methods and tools to utilize with this approach are:

  • Identify the needs (understand the profile of educational success, health and well-being of the Children and youth in the schools);
  • Review resources (an analysis of promotion and prevention actions already in place in the school and the community as well as the identification of existing partnerships);
  • Identify possible solutions and prioritize (select measures to be pursued, consolidated, improved or discontinued);                                        
  • Plan the implementation
  • Implement, monitor and adjust (integrate the healthy schools approach into the development or review of the school’s educational project and success plan)

Targeted clientele

To continue networking between and within entities in order to coordinate the services, the programs and the activities taking place in the schools. 

Who delivers the program?

Position is currently vacant.