Cancer Project

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The partnership goals

Until March 2017, the CBHSSJB is involved in a partnership with the Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services, the Direction québécoise de cancerologie at the Ministère de la santé et des services sociaux, and the First Nations, Inuit and Métis Strategy Initiative of the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer.   It aims to improve cancer outcomes for Indigenous peoples across Canada by improving the cancer journey of Indigenous patients by implementing preventive practices and screening and also improving direct services and patients ’access to them, including palliative care.

Why this program?

Across Canada, Indigenous cancer patients have poorer outcomes than non-Indigenous patients.  In order to change this, the political jurisdictions across the country were invited to develop approaches within the framework of the federal strategy in order to make short-term changes which are designed to improve patients’ journeys, the services they receive, and their access to services. 

Short description of project

Our three-year project has four objectives:    

      1. Hearing and documenting what patients have to say
      2. Developing the cultural competency of the health care system
      3. Improving linkages between levels of services
      4. Improving services offered within the CBHSSJB.

Project targets

This project targets on the one hand Eeyou patients who have or have had cancer and their families to listen and learn from their experiences in order to make improvements for the future.  Then the project targets the CBHSSJB in order to improve the cultural competency of the organization so it can ensure the cultural safety of patients with cancer. While cancer is the impetus for these activities, improvements for cancer will make improvements throughout our system.  The CBHSSJB and the communities are targets for changes in support services for patients in the communities, and improvements to more preventive approaches.  While our three-year project is not focused on improving palliative care, the project is gathering information about these services, or their lack, and will be able to make recommendations to the organization for the future.  The final target of this project in Eeyou Istchee is our partners at other levels of services in Chibougamau, the Abitibi and Montréal hospitals in order to improve how our services link into theirs.  

Who delivers the program?

The project is run through a small Steering Committee with members responsible for each of the objectives and the project as a whole.  

For more information

The Project, which covers various sectors of the CBHSSJB, is coordinated through the SERC Team which is responsible for public health surveillance, research, evaluation, public health communications, clinical preventive practices and public health competencies development.

Enquiries about the project should be directed to:

Jill Torrie 

203B Mistissini Blvd
Mistissini, Quebec
G0W 1C0
418-923-3355 ext 42384
Cell: 514-953-8283