Public Health

phd-collageThe purpose of public health is to understand, protect, maintain, and enhance the health of the whole population.

The Public Health programs of the CBHSSJB are regional. Some programs work to strengthen clinical services so that patients receive better care, and other programs work with community stakeholders to make our homes, schools, workplaces, food services, and natural environments safer and healthier for all.


  • Ongoing surveillance of the health status of the population and of health determinants;
  • prevention of diseases, trauma and social problems that have an impact on the health of the population;
  • promotion of systemic measures capable of fostering the enhancement of the health and well-being of the population; and
  • protection of the health of the population and the relevant health monitoring activities.

(Source: Quebec Public Health Act Chapter S-2.2)

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Awash (Children 0-9)

Assistant Director of Public Health for Awash: Dany Gauthier

Awash aims to make sure that babies are born healthy and then grow up and remain healthy throughout their first years of life.

Uschiniichisuu (Youth 10-29)

Assistant Director of Public Health for Uschiniichisuu: Dany Gauthier

Uschiniichisuu Programs focus on developing programs to make sure that children are healthy and successful in school, and that they grow up to be healthy and well-balanced adults.

Chishaayiyuu (Adults 30+)

Assistant Director of Public Health for Chishaayiyuu: Paul Linton

These programs focus on promoting healthy lifestyles, preventing injuries, and environmental health.

Surveillance, Evaluation, Research and Communications (SERC) and Clinical Preventive Practices (CPP)

Assistant Director of Public Health for SERC: Isabelle Duguay

SERC provides cross-cutting services to support and strengthen all the Public Health programs listed above.