Pre-Hospital Emergency Services and Emergency Measures

Anywhere in Eeyou Istchee call this number 24/7 1-418-770-4678 to report a disaster such as:

  • a natural disaster such as a flood, landslide or forest fire;
  • any disaster that threatens people or essential infrastructure, such as an explosion or toxic spill.

The Cree Health Board representatve with the Organisation régionale de sécurité civile (ORSC) de l’Abitibi-Témiscamingue et du Nord-du-Québec is Jason Coonishish, Coordinator of Prehospital and Emergency Measures. Contact the provincial operation centre.

Jason Coonishish
Cell: 1-418-770-6516

Reggie Tomatuk

Cell: 1-418-770-9505


Pre-Hospital Services involves all steps of medical emergency interventions in Eeyou Istchee, and includes multiple partners such as police,  fire fighters and ambulance services. The clinical, operational and administrative efficiency of First Responders, and the continuity of quality care and efficient patient transfer, is dependent on coordination with other organizations within the health and social services network.

Pre-hospital services and health care are provided in compliance with good “ first response” practices: respect of individuals, cooperation between the various workers, and the patient’s interest. Supported by the Public Health Department, this unit’s training and quality assur- ance are provided by the agency Pre-Hospital Experts who were, once again, contracted for training for First Responders. The Director of Medical Pre-Hospital for the past year has been Dr Isis Migneault, who is responsible for the overview of Pre-Hospital Services, ensuring quality training, and facilitating improved relationships between First Responders and CMC/Chisasibi Hospital.


Emergency Measures refers to the prompt coordination of actions, persons or property in order to protect the health, safety or welfare of people, or to limit damage to property or to the environment in the event of a present or imminent incident. Depending on the scale and type of civil emergency there may be multiple partners involved from the community to the national level. The coordinator assists primary and supporting departments in coordinating response to civil emergencies (forest  fires, floods) taking place in Eeyou Istchee that may affect the health of vulnerable segments of its population. This year has seen a rise in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) with First Responders, the  fire and police departments, as a result of repeated  first responses to suicide cases and/or other tragic accidents.

Emergency Measures On-Call Service is provided at all times. Calls may be received for road closures, forest  fires, insufficient beds in a southern hospital or ambulance breakdowns. All calls are dealt with by providing necessary information or assistance to affected communities.