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Preventive isolation for Wiichihiituwin Val d'Or clients

March 10, 2021

A Wiichihiituwin staff member in Val-d’Or tested positive for the COVID-19 virus late last week. Preliminary test results indicate a presumptive variant case. The situation is under control. Wiichihiituwin’s strict protocols help protect clients’ health and safety during their visits to Val-d’Or.


Confirmation will be available in about two weeks.  Contact tracing has identified 60 people (clients, escorts and staff) considered to be contacts; none are known to be high-risk contacts.  All 60 people are now in preventive 14-day isolation, and are being tested for the virus.  

Among these contacts, 27 people had already returned home to their communities to finish their required 7 day/ 7 day isolation when the case involving a Wiichihiituwin staff member was confirmed. These clients and escorts will do 14 days of isolation in their respective communities (Nemaska, Waskaganish, Eastmain, Wemindji, Chisasibi, and Whapmagoostui).  

Other clients and escorts involved in the contact tracing investigation remain in Val-d’Or, and are isolating in different facilities (hotels or residences) with support from Wiichihiituwin and Public Health.  

Public Health would like to reassure everyone that the situation is under control, and that Wiichihiituwin’s strict protocols help protect clients’ health and safety during their visits to Val-d’Or. Requiring preventive isolation for a larger number of people in this case is an effective tool to ensure there has been no further spread of the virus variant in Eeyou Istchee.  

Wiichihiituwin is providing regular updates to clients and escorts about their individual situations, including possible changes to travel or appointments. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation and patience. 


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