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November 1 to November 7 is  Caregiver Awareness Week in Eeyou Istchee


We would like to thank all caregivers - professionals, family members, friends, community members - for their hard work and their efforts to ensure the well-being of the most vulnerable members of our community.


Many of us are caregivers, especially if we have elderly parents or adult children with special needs. Most of us will need care as we age. Help us celebrate the vital role caregivers play by showing your gratitude to a caregiver in your family or community.


What is a caregiver?

A caregiver is a person - either professional or volunteer – who supports a person in need of help with daily activities. Professional caregivers (e.g., homecare workers) are trained to support the physical and emotional well-being of vulnerable individuals in a safe and respectful manner that preserves the dignity of the individual receiving care, they also offer natural caregivers and paid caregivers - like family members or friends of individuals in need of care – with support and training.


Explore caregiving stories

George Tapiatic (Homecare Worker)

George has been a Homecare Worker in Chisasibi since 2016. His work helps client stay independent while receiving care at home.

Meet George.

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Caroline Annie Matthew (Client)

Caroline suffered from a stroke in August of 2003. Since then, she requires help getting around. She requires a wheelchair - but lives an independent life, thanks to the weekly support of CBHSSJB homecare workers.

Meet Caroline.

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Leigh-Ann Gates & Annie Bearskin (Natural Caregivers)

Leigh-Ann and Annie have taken time off work to care of Juliet Head Bearskin, who is their mother and grandmother, respectively. Juliet fell and broke her hip in December of 2020, and was diagnosed with dementia in the weeks following the accident. She requires care and support from her family and homecare workers alike.

Meet Leigh-Ann and Annie.

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Linda Pachanos-Quachagen & Martha Tapiatic-Pachanos (Natural Caregiver)

Linda is taking care of her 95-year-old mother, Martha who enjoys traditional food. It is not easy to be a caregiver and many obstacles need to be overcome to ensure the well-being of loved ones. Linda provides care for her husband and her mother, and is taking pride as caregiver.

Meet Linda and Martha  

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Do you need help?

Multi-Service Day Centres (MSDCs) provide a safe space for community members to access professional services such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy.

MSDCs also provide nutritious meals both in-house and through the “meals on wheels” service. They offer a variety of workshops and programs for clients, such as psycho-education and nutrition. Activities such as outings, exercise classes, and arts and crafts keep participants stimulated throughout the day and give at-home caregivers a much-need break. Your local MSDC teams genuinely care for the dignity and well-being of their clientele. 


Embroidery of birds and tree on canvas

Did you know?

MSDCs offer:

  • caregiver respite during the day

  • activities which vary depending on needs of each community (for example, crafts/outings/ exercise) 

  • meals and transport provided


Learn more about the Home and Community Care Program and MSDC services.

Ask for your services at your local CMC if you need support with the care of a loved one.



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