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New name for Cree Patient Services (Wiichihiituwin) announced at feast for clients at Espresso Hotel

December 07, 2016
Back row: Darlene Kitty, Minnie Wapachee, Jonathan Sutherland, Patricia George, Christine Petawabano. Front row: Daniel St-Amour, Bella Petawabano, Susan Esau.

At the Board of Directors meeting on Tuesday, December 6, a decision was taken to rename Cree Patient Services. The Board of Directors chose from the list of names coming from the public contest held in October. Following careful consideration, the following name was chosen: Wiichihiituwin (helping one another). This new name will take effect immediately.

The new name was proposed by Robert Auclair, Director of Youth Protection. The same name with slightly different spelling was proposed by Melanie Lameboy. They will share first- and second-place prizes. The new name was announced December 6 during a feast and inauguration of new client facilities at Espresso Hotel, attended by over 200 clients, escorts, Cree Health Board staff and Directors, and the Grand Chief Matthew Coon Come.

"Thank you on behalf of the Wiichihiituwin team to all those who took the time to enter the contest and everyone who helped to choose the winning name," said Daniel St-Amour, interim Executive Director. "I would also like to congratulate everyone who worked together to make yesterday’s official launch of client lodging and facilities at Espresso Hotel such a success. This event and feast showcased the wonderful spirit of cooperation and solidarity between Cree Health Board staff, our fantastic Board of Directors, our clients and Espresso staff."

The names for the 3 client rooms at Espresso are: cheyamaougamikw (spiritual room), piminûwhaûgamikw (community kitchen), and sabtuan (activity room).

Special thanks to the organizing committee of this event: Chairperson Bella M. Petawabano; Helene Shecapio-Blacksmith, interim Director of Wiichihiituwin; Nathalie Beauchemin, Head of Wiichihiituwin Montreal; Ricky Lameboy, Corporate Services; Rose Duff, Office of the Executive Director; Tracy Wysote, Office of the Chair; Jennifer Russell, Wiichihiituwun Montreal; Iain Cook, Wiichihiituwin; and Paolo di Vito, Hotel Espresso.

"Particular thanks to Jennifer Russell for organizing the feast which featured iiyimiichim donated from all over Eeyou Istchee and cooked by clients and Wiichihiituwin Montreal staff. I would also like to thank Espresso Hotel for their generous donations of food and prizes for the client raffle." said St-Amour.

In photo:
Back row: Dr. Darlene Kitty (clinical staff rep), Minnie Wapachee (Ouje-Bougoumou rep), Jonathan Sutherland (Waswanipi rep), Patricia George (Whapmagoostui rep), Christine Petawabano (Mistissini rep). Front row: Daniel St-Amour (Executive Director interim), Bella Petawabano (Chair), Susan Esau (Waskaganish rep).

Photo credit: Tatiana Philiptchenko / CBHSSJB