New Collaborative Quilt on Display in the Public Health Building in Mistissini

February 13, 2017

Quilts are a wonderful way to collaborate on collective art projects. It is with this in mind that in the summer of 2016 Josée Quesnel, Planning, Programming and Research Officer in Addiction at the CBHSSJB, initiated a quilt project now displayed in the new Public Health building located on 233 Main street in Mistissini.

An email was initially sent to all Public Health employees who were invited to participate. The only fixed criteria was the dimension of the square they needed to use, otherwise participants were encouraged to use any fabric and techniques they felt comfortable with.

The result is a beautiful artwork celebrating the passage to a new era in the new facilities of Public Health employees in Mistissini. It is a testimony on how a team can thrive and achieve a common goal. Josée Quesnel says that some participants were hesitant and unsure whether they had the ability to create their own square. She confides on how proud she is that, with some help and guidance from colleagues, they managed to create beautiful pieces and contributed to the exquisite final result. The quilt is now proudly displayed on the third floor of the building. Some visitors even ask to be photographed in front of what is becoming a trademark of the place.