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The DPSQA offers a training to to all of our Community Workers

March 05, 2020

On February 17-21 and February 24- 28, 2020 the Department of Professional Services and Quality Assurance (DPSQA) – Psychosocial offered a training to all our Community Workers:  a total of 61 people was present. In order to build together an accurate action plan that represents the region, the training focused on Mental Health, Addiction, Suicide Prevention, Co-Occurring Disorders, Elder Abuse and Clinical Process.

The annual training was a great success! At the training, Chair, Bella Petawabano, Executive Director, Daniel St. Amour of the Cree Board of Health and Social Services and Michelle Gray, interim Assistant Executive Director, Miyuumatisiiun Department presented Employee Appreciation Awards, for the first time, to our vital Community Workers. Community Workers were thrilled to be recognized for their hard work and dedication.

Community Workers received the critical training required to meet the demanding needs of their jobs. Tracey Foster offered training in Suicide Prevention where participants received a Certificate of Completion. Suicide being part of the regional action plan, the DPSQA Team promotes our Community Workers having the necessary skills to respond to, prevent and reduce incidences of suicide.

Participants also received training in Co-Occurring Disorders/Dual Diagnosis from CTRI, Crisis & Trauma Resource Institute. The facilitator, Kevin Singh first took the Community Workers through an exercise of self-care, which is extremely important for Community Workers. Frontline workers experience stress and can, on occasion, take on their clients’ emotional trauma which may result in burnout. Therefore, it is important for Community Workers to find ways to alleviate their stress in order to create balance in their lives by taking part in enjoyable leisure activities, hobbies and interests.

The facilitator of Co-Occurring Disorders delved into real issues facing Cree in Eeyou Istchee and Community Workers put their hearts and minds into searching for solutions to help their clients. The facilitator also provided Community Workers with real practical tools to take back to their communities to guide their clients.

Director, DPSQA – Psychosocial, Chloe Nahas, since she started in May of 2019 has been building a strong and stable team that best reflects Nishiiyuu values in an effort to empower psychosocial workers in Eeyou Istchee. The Team is growing and is now covering the three poles of the region bringing forward our mission to support and empower local entities. To accomplish this goal, DPSQA has an Action Plan in place that was developed with the help of the first line and is aligned with the Cree Board of Health’s 2016-2021 Strategic Regional Plan: Striving to Achieve Nishiiyuu Miyupaamitisiu