Cree Health Board celebrates first graduates from Indigenous Succession Program

June 19, 2020
Graduation hats

The CBHSSJB is very pleased to announce that 25 employees divided into 3 cohorts completed the Certificate and the Diploma in Health and Social Services Management at McGill University, as part of the Indigenous Succession Program.

In place since the fall of 2016, the Indigenous Succession Program allows employees with management potential to fill gaps in their education or experience and access managerial positions. Through the ISP and in partnership with McGill University, the CBHSSJB supports employees in meeting their objectives and developing the next generation of Cree leaders.

Over the course of three years, the participants upgraded their qualifications and gained the knowledge and skills required to fill future management positions at the CBHSSJB.

The campus convocation ceremony for spring 2020 was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, a face-to-face celebration with a scarf ceremony on campus is planned for May 2021. At that time, graduates from 2020 and 2021 will be invited to attend the convocation to celebrate together along with family friends, and community members.

In addition, McGill University is planning an online graduation celebration on Thursday June 18; at 3pm.This is a virtual graduation ceremony for all students graduating this spring.

Please find below the names of the graduates:

- 1st Cohort:

Program: Certificate in Health and Social Services Management

  • Bonnie Fireman
  • Francine Mayappo
  • Sharon Petawabano
  • Wally Rabbitskin
  • Valerie Sam
  • Mary Louise Snowboy

- 2nd Cohort :

Program: Certificate in Health and Social Services Management

  • Charlie Alisappi
  • Pauline Bobbish
  • Rachel Danyluk
  • Florence Mark
  • Rachel Martinhunter
  • Paul Pachano
  • Pierrette Pepabano (Coon-Come)

- 3rd Cohort:

Program: Diploma in Health and Social Services Management

  • Laura Bearskin
  • Gary Chewanish
  • Sarah Cowboy
  • Bertha Dixon
  • Darlene House
  • Juliana Matoush
  • Taria Matoush
  • Nicolas Ortepi
  • Jeannie Pelletier
  • Mary Shashaweskum
  • Stephanie Tetreault
  • Leslie Tomatuk

Best of luck to the graduates. The CBHSSJB is proud of you!